GeoWS Technical Documents

GeoWS Service Template

The Service Template specifies guidelines and commonalities and guidelines defining behavior and presentation of a GeoWS web service interface. Most GeoWS-style web services are expected to offer functionality beyond what is specified in this document, such as domain-specific formats, data-specific parameters, organization-specific context-paths, etc.

GeoCSV – Tabular text formatting for geoscience data

The GeoCSV format is a dialect of the model developed by the W3C’s CSV on the Web Working Group.

The headers allow for common metadata to be included with a tabular text dataset and the specification is extensible, allowing for domain-specific headers to be added as needed. The defined annotations are designed for use as additions to exisiting text data or new structured text data.

AGU – Dec 2015

IN13A-1810 – Building Web Service Interfaces to Geoscience data sets: EarthCube GeoWS project activities at the IRIS DMC
IN11F-1809 – GeoCSV: Tabular Text Formatting for Geoscience Data

EarthCube All-Hands – Jul 2016

GeoWS: Making Services and Data Consistent