Data Services

This page describes the NSF SAGE component of EarthScope Data Services. This is just one part of the broader EarthScope organization, and the information shown here should be treated as historical context.


EarthScope Data Services (DS) has specific charges and consists of several components or “nodes”. These nodes work together to ensure the smooth flow of GSN and portable data from the stations to the seismological research community.

Data Services Nodes


EarthScope DS is composed of multiple nodes. The Albuquerque Seismic Laboratory (ASL) and the UCSD/IDA DCCs collect data from the GSN, perform QA on the data, convert the data to SEED and send the GSN data to the DMC. The EarthScope Primary Instrument Center (EPIC) performs QA and reformatting for portable data. The Array Network Facility (ANF) is charged with ensuring that USArray/Transportable Array data flow to the DMC and that proper metadata is available. The Kazakh National Data Center in Almaty performs QA on data from the numerous arrays and stations in Kazakhstan before forwarding the data to EarthScope. The UW produces data products as well as provides feedback on MUSTANG Quality Assurance System with an emphasis on how MUSTANG can be used with data from regional networks.


The DMC on behalf of EarthScope DS organizes seismic data workshops around the world, including how to handle network data and metadata and diverse topics in the Advanced Studies Institutes.

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